We provide simple and affordable options with monthly payments that also allow you to build your credit at the same time!

An approved application is required before exploring these options. If interested, please discuss during your application process.

Need some financial assistance AND you have maybe a low credit score BUT do have monthly income? 

You don’t have to wait until you have 100%
of the money saved! Why pay 3X more for other schools who add unnecessary
training hours to their programs in order for them to utilize federal grant
loans that only hinder your success with repayments just as you are starting
your beauty career?

At Chic Image Academy we not only offer you the best competitive prices, but
we have relationships with finance providers that allow you more control in
defining your repayment terms, don’t require high credit scores, and don’t make
any credit inquiries! You can even begin to pay back the loans with reasonable
monthly payments while you are still attending school giving you a better head
start! AND you will be building a better credit score! WIN-WIN!

As an example, if you need $5000 and your credit score is 580 then you would need to make around $28K/year