Chic Image Academy

Liz Galdamez is a powerhouse.

With a “can do” attitude, she remains strong, patient and committed throughout life’s trials.  As fellow, former flight attendants, we instantly had a sister-bond upon meeting, which has remained steady for the last 5 years. It has often included simple, quick, momentary check-ins with each other, such as “How do I do this?” to more specific, strategic processes such as combing through the many steps in developing a learning academy. She has done it all; I always look forward to hearing from her.

Liz and I met at Bio-Therapeutics’ headquarters in Seattle, for comprehensive training on products, and devices, for her new business, the Chic Image Lounge. The program also included the sharing of multiple opportunities and nuances in the caring of colleagues, team members, students, clients, educators and spa owners. She quickly became interested in serving as an independent sales representative for Bio-Therapeutic, which she did, and indeed…very well.

From taking her freshly launched Chic Image Lounge, to an interest in working from the inside out to ensure the integrity of her business, she began to share her knowledge with other practitioners. In earnest, she shared what she had learned from her experiences both the positives and pitfalls, while recommending the best systems, services, and products and devices for their practices.

With her love of education, she next embarked upon the development of the Chic Image Academy. As one might imagine, this process is arduous and requires vision, strength, and frankly “true grit” to see the actualization of educational programs through to state acknowledgement, approval, and licensure.

Well done Liz…you are truly an inspiration, and will always have our admirations!

All Blessings,

Sallie Deitz, BA, MA