One of our Academy's Cornerstones

One of our Academy's Cornerstones

There are many great reasons to have a mentor:

1. Mentors offer you mass amounts of information.

2. Mentors can see more clearly what areas you need to improve based on their personal experiences.

3. Mentors can ask you some very thought-provoking questions. Questions that we may sometimes find hard to ask ourselves.

4. Mentors can give us that encouraging push when we feel like throwing in the towel. Every successful person has experienced some type of disappointment or rejection. What makes the difference is that they did not give up, they kept going. Sometimes a story of perseverance is what we need to encourage ourselves to continue with our plan.

5. Mentors can sometimes motivate us to be more disciplined when we may feel like being easier on ourselves.

6. Mentors can be our sounding board, sometimes they may not even pass judgement on our ideas. But being able to actually speak our idea out loud to them may be all we need to figure it out for ourselves.

7. Mentors are our sort of confidants and counselors.

8. Mentors can be our best networks and avenues to introductions, referrals and access to critical resources.

9.Mentors are experienced and can prevent us from making the mistakes they made,

10. Mentors are passionate about what they do and love to share information with people they see potential in. Above all, they only want to see you succeed and have a complete selfless interest in helping you meet your goals.

Five years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Sallie Deitz, I don’t normally become star-struck, but I was, the day I met this amazing woman.

I had read all of her books, her articles and was aware of how respected and recognized she was in the beauty industry not only for her knowledge but also for her continuous work for empowerment through education.

 The day I decided to choose Sallie as my mentor for my professional growth in the skincare industry and my beauty brand was one of the best days for my career. Our relationship evolved organically and flourished.

Sallie Deitz has been a very important part of my growth , success and the evolution of our business. Sallie’s passion for education and her willingness to share her vast knowledge in our industry has set a great example for me.

I have been a part of the beauty industry since 1992 and have benefited so much from my experiences and training with people and brands that are also passionate about education like Sallie is. The opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with future beauty professionals has been the main driving force behind our efforts to create Chic Image Academy.

I feel  specially privileged, and humbled by the opportunity I had, to learn and train under Sallie Deitz’s instruction , and I am extremely grateful for all of the help she has given me  with developing my own ideas and visions .

I believe that the best characteristics of a mentor are: the ability to provide the information that we request, without forcing our path.   The willingness to share  their skills, knowledge, and expertise. The gift of recognizing our passion and fueling that passion by inspiring us. Inspiring us to believe in ourselves, believe that we are capable of not only creating our own ideas and goals but  also capable of developing those ideas carry them out and succeed.

Mentoring is one of the cornerstones of our Academy and we are so excited to have the opportunity to mentor, motivate, and cheer on our future beauty industry professionals. 

This section is dedicated to Mentoring and my great Mentor Ms Sallie Deitz

Thank you Sallie, to many more years ahead !

Liz Galdamez

Director of Chic Image Academy

Sallie Deitz, B.A., M.A., author, speaker, and consultant, has been an esthetic practitioner and Learning Leader, in a variety of settings. Her background and experience includes medical esthetics; product development (both products and devices); business and education management for medical spas, sole proprietors, manufacturers, and esthetic schools. She has also served with the National Interstate Council of State Boards in test development for basic and master estheticians. She has served on numerous boards, has been a contributing author with Milady Publishing, division of Cengage Learning since 2002, and is the author of Skin Care Practices and Clinical Protocols, The Clinical Esthetician, and Amazing Skin for Girls. Milady Publishing is currently launching it’s 12th Ed., of the Standard Fundamental Esthetics in 2019, of which Deitz is serving as the Series Editor. 

A special worldwide focus of Sallie’s is in the coaching of women skin care entrepreneurs, to become self-sufficient through education, self-esteem and confidence building, and practical business applications. 

Sallie is an ambassador for the Sparkle Foundation, Women Helping Women, which is a fundraising non-profit organization to help women in need of everything from the basics such as food and clothing, to job training and mentorship programs.